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Circus Maximus and Palatine

The Palatine is one of the hills on which was built the city of Rome and is the center of the Roman spirit. According to legend, the history of Rome began right on the Palatine hill by the killing of Remo by his brother Romulus.

The whole area is full of archaeological sites including luxury villas of the Roman nobles. Here there are in fact the ruins of majestic imperial palaces including the Domus Augustana , built by the Emperor Augustus, and the Domus Domiziana residence of Domitian.

Among the Palatino and Aventino is located the Circus Maximus one of the biggest arenas ever built: 600 meters long and 140 wide, the arena could accommodate up to 300,000 people.

Very different from how it looks today the Circus Maximus was once richly decorated in marble, statues, arches, columns, arcades and even obelisks that over the years were added and reconstructed following the numerous fires that struck the city of Rome.

The Circus Maximus remains undoubtedly one of the oldest buildings and one of the most attractive destinations of the Eternal City.

Domus Sessoriana

Circus Maximus and Palatine


Walking: 32 minutes along Via San Giovanni in Laterano

By Public Transportation: Tram 3

Underground | Subway: Take Line A - Stop at San Giovanni, Termini direction, then take Line B, Laurentina direction, get off at Circo Massimo