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Domus Sessoriana
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P.zza Santa Croce
In Gerusalemme, 10
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The Wine Bar and Café service is available to guests between 18.30-22.30 in the Breakfast Room.

In addition, available daily by reservation only, it is possible to enjoy dinner:




• €16 complete menu: starter, main dish and side dish, a dessert or fruit, a glass of wine or mineral water;

• €12 main course menu: main dish, side dish, dessert or fruit, a glass of wine or mineral water;

• €12 children’s menu: pasta with tomato sauce or cream sauce, hamburger or escalope with chips or ham and mozzarella, tart or fruit and soft drink or water

Dinner can be reserved on the preceding day or by 16.00 on the same day, and is served in the Breakfast Room between 19.00-21.30.

Groups comprising a minimum of 25 persons, that book at least two dinners will be offered a complimentary Welcome Cocktail.

All the menus are made using fresh seasonal ingredients and include dishes that represent the best of authentic, quality Italian and Roman cuisine.

To view the menu of the day or book dinner, please see Reception or fill in the online form on the link below: