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Dear Guest,
Booking directly from our website means that you can benefit from our special offers listed here below.
Please specify the service you desire and include any necessary information when making your booking (under the 'Observations' heading, in the 'notes’ box). You will receive a confirmation email from the Domus Sessoriana. We look forward to receiving you soon as one of our welcome guests; until then, please accept our sincere greetings.

Free internet card giving 5 hours browsing via Wi-Fi connection or internet access point.
(This service is automatically added when you complete your booking. The card will be given to you at check-in.)

Discount on transfers from/to airports, reducing the price to only 47€ for up to 4 persons.
(In the 'notes' section of your booking, please specify the number of persons, your arrival date and flight details. We will send you a confirmation email.)

Booking audiences and celebrations presided by
the Holy Father

Calendar of future events

Guests of the Domus Sessoriana can receive free tickets for entry to General Audiences on Wednesdays and Liturgical celebrations presided by the Holy Father held for Christian celebrations (Christmas, Easter, and so on), canonizations and beatifications.