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Domus Sessoriana
Mon-Sun 24h
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P.zza Santa Croce
In Gerusalemme, 10
00185 Rome

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View of the Basilica's Facade

Front of the Basilica

Bell Tower

Angel - Facade detail

St.Matthew - Facade detail

St.John - Facade detail

Statue of the four Apostles St.Helena and Constantine

Buon Aiuto Festival - Fireworks

Buon Aiuto Festival Concert

View of the Domus Sessoriana’s terrace

Interior of the Basilica

Ciborium and Apse

Small balcony


Chapel of St.Helena - vault mosaics


Sanctuary of the relic of the Holy Cross - the Vestibule

Turin Shroud (copy)

Monstrance - Detail

Castrensian Amphitheatre vegetable garden

Vegetable garden and Aurelian wall

View of the Monasterial vegetable garden

Vegetable garden – irrigation pool

Vegetable garden

Pray and Work – maintaining the vegetable garden

Product from the vegetable garden

Product from the vegetable garden

Illuminated codex

Illuminated letter

Illuminated letter

Reliquary of St. Gregory the Great – detail

Reliquary of St. Gregory the Great

St. Sofia retro of the reliquary of St. Gregory the Great

Museum Hall

Monastic site – Fresco of St. Bernard

Refectory Hall

Cistercian Library

Pope John Paul II and children from the Basilica’s choir

Marble logo from the Basilica